Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Minding the Nickles and Dimes

My hubby always is annoyed when I am worried about money for these attempts.  Yesterday he was looking through the medical explanations of benefits (for a reason unrelated to fertility treatments) and saw my blood test for genetic diseases, specifically that his insurance covered a very small portion of the $1,200 cost.  You can imagine the screaming in my head when I heard about a $1,200 bill that I didn't know was coming.  I don't panic that much, in the scheme of things $1,200 is small change, but I still don't like to drop a grand without knowing about it.  (Also what has my life come to that this is small change?!)  I called the clinic and gratefully discovered that that my bill, regardless of insurance coverage, will be $99.  I don't know how this works, it probably involves tax write-offs on the part of the company, but all I know is I don't owe (much) money!!

Today I met with the doctor and found out all kinds of good news.  Amazingly my genetics test came back clean, as in I am not a carrier for anything tested.  I'm surprisingly pissed at this, shouldn't there be something fucking wrong with me?  I mean, honestly.

My AMH, which is what tells them how my ovarian reserve is, was 1.1, which was exciting because the doctor told me it was 'higher than my FSH would have predicted'.  Then he quickly killed my excitement by telling me it showed moderate to severe ovarian failure.  I guess it's better than undetectable and a severe failure?  Which is what he originally predicted.  Sure, it's 'better'.

However, after looking at my tiny ovaries (yeah, did you know they get smaller the less eggs you have, thanks nature) he saw that I only have 4 antral follicles this month.  If I had 7-10 then I could do a heavy all-out IVF and hold out hold for 4-5 solid mature eggs.  Since it's such a small amount of antral follicles I will actual proceed with a mini-IVF for a hope of 2-3 mature eggs.  This only saves me money on drugs, but the procedures all cost the same (great!).  My clinic does have a pre-purchase plan for two cycles and when I asked if I should do it he was firmly negative.  Door closed.  Also I can't pursue the donated egg option until my IVF is completed.

So, I am awaiting the calendar of events from the nurse, along with my drug order.  I asked to be tested for MTH factor (it's a problem absorbing folic acid) and for anti-thyroid antibodies since my thyroid came back high for someone trying (TSH of 2.6).  He wasn't concerned about either of these things, but he okayed the tests, and that's all you can really ask for in a doctor.  He would not do the endometrial biopsy on me because apparently it's a consensus that it shows/proves nothing.  It's fine, I suppose I don't want an incredibly painful (from what I've heard) test run for no reason.  Also, he is sure I'll won't have a problem if I end up pregnant, that my problem is all eggs and not uterine.  I have to say, I do like his confidence.  There is something reassuring about being told solid nos and yeses.  It's a highly under-rated skill.

I ended my day by going to one of my step-children's orchestra performances.  It's so fun to go hang around families with multiple children, not at all like salt being rubbed in a open wound.  Then I got to drive home and think about how my husband's ex-wife "provided his mother with grandchildren", a quote almost directly from my sister-in-law during the planning for his mother's funeral.  That's should go on someone's all-time worst somewhere.  I do recognize that I am a super-bitch and emotional rollercoaster right now and if I can recognize it, it's got to be bad.  Weee - birth control!!

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