Monday, April 28, 2014

Tendancies Towards Hippie-hood

Ok, to be completely honest I've always been more of a hippie than a non-hippie.  Partly because I grew up in the country, partly because my mom got rid of our TV when I was 8, and partly because my mom doesn't believe in western medicine for the most part.  Can you see the theme?  It's clearly my mother's fault, someone get me on Oprah!  What, she's off the air?  Unacceptable! I didn't suffer what is clearly years of child abuse to not get on Oprah!

I digress, raised with a slightly skeptical attitude towards western medicine and a mother who probably wouldn't take chemotherapy if it would cure her from cancer (and she's not sure it will, and technically chemo has a 30% cure rate of Hepatitis C which she's had for 32 years and is treating with a naturopath) and the fact that I live in the Pacific Northwest where we are all non-aggressive (or is that passive aggressive), vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, non-GMO hippies, has lead me to embrace non-traditional treatments.  Also, it doesn't hurt that I would do anything to have a baby.

It wasn't much of a stretch for me to jump into all of the following:

Acupuncture: one of the first things I did after my first failed IVF attempt.  I couldn't fathom not throwing everything I could at the problem.  I'd had a few earlier brushes with acupuncture but just hadn't forced myself to go in, plus I was a tiny bit scared of the needles.  My acupuncturist is great, amazing, wonderful and I have convinced at least two other people to see her. 

Vitamins/Herbs: acupuncturists will prescribe mixes of Chinese herbs (not delicious), which if they are specialists in the fertility are totally safe* to take before you start stimming, plus your medical professionals may give you ideas about additional vitamins to take.  I take Maca Root, Vitamin D3, Omega-3, CoQ10, a prenatal, and a baby aspirin.  I do not take DHEA, but I've heard it can be very good.  I try and avoid blog articles about what I should be taking and relay solely on the advice of medical professionals.  Everyone seems to have an opinion about what will/should get you knocked up.

Counseling, with a fair amount of positive thinking, fertile thoughts and a large dose of daily hypnotherapy.  I never thought I'd be into that, but it turns out I totally am.  Of course negative thoughts are always going to pop up, it's important to acknowledge them and finish with 'but I'm open to the possibilities', or other mantras as appropriate.

Marrow soup: a broth you make from organic beef marrow bones.  Organic is actually important because you don't want to expose yourself to high doses of antibiotics or any heavy metal contamination.  It is as amazing as you think it would be, hopefully you can gag down a cup a day.  I get use to it fairly quickly and begin drinking it about one week into my mock cycle.

Mayan massage: this type of massage centers around ensure that your uterus is in a proper position for pregnancy. It can increase blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, which we know is ideal when you are stimming or trying to conceive.  You are supposed to go before you are stimming and then continue nightly with a quick self massage.  It's fairly easy, although I've never been particularly skilled at remembering to do another nightly thing.

*My advice/opinion should not be mistaken for that of a doctor, I am just a person writing a blog and you should speak to your own fertility endocrinologist because they may have a totally different opinion.

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