Friday, May 23, 2014

Everyday I'm Triggering

Yesterday the clinic called me back and told me to do the trigger HCG shot (it makes your eggs get all mature) at exactly 8pm (which probably ended up being more like 8:05pm, but I'm not worried about that, I'm not).  I knew it was going to hurt so I iced my backside and didn't even feel the gigantic needle.  It was great, until 10 minutes later when it started aching as HCG shots are prone to do.  I tried not to think too much about how I (probably) have MRSA and that's (probably) why it was hurting.

The clinic had me do all 10,000IU of HCG, so I felt light headed and tired within a hour of the injection.  I went to bed early and woke up drench in sweat, which is hopefully a good 'my estrogen is very high' night sweat.  The first thing this morning I had to take a pregnancy test, because it shows that the HCG absorbed properly, so here's a fun picture of a positive pregnancy test:

Hopefully it is the forebearer of good things, although I probably won't ever take another pee test.  This test actually expired last month since I haven't bought pregnancy tests since 2011 (a sign of how long I've been trying), but I figured it would work just fine. 

Tomorrow my harvest (retrieval) is at 8am, I may post a final follies update on how many eggs we ended up with.  However I cannot be held legally to anything I do tomorrow, so I'm totally buying a Mercedes and then giving it back.  What I really want is a Tesla, but you have to pre-order them, so that's not as much fun.

Currently I am "thinking" to my eggs, telling them their instructions, like what will happen when they are retrieved and instructions for returning, which are hatch and attach, hatch and attach, HATCH AND ATTACH

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