Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Supression Check

Suppression check day! I guess they call it a suppression check because they are making sure your ovaries are sufficiently repressed. It's like a communist dictatorship in my ovaries - they are not allowed to choose an egg! Also, apparently I am good to go, two andral follicles on each ovary (but maybe there's a hidden extra one! We can dream!)

It hasn't been a great start to the week. I was excited about this IVF for a millisecond but reality set in - it's the last attempt. Now I'm just sad, and it's ok to be sad. I wish I was more excited, but sometimes we just accept the emotion we are given.

The first drug for my mini-stim is Letrozole. I've never taken it before, but it's supposed to be better than Clomid, which I took 4 times and had to stop because of the sight side effects (that I still sorta have - eek). Not too worried about it, should be a cake walk!

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