Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First DE Appointment & It Feels So Good

Ok, whew, that was some information.  The board I read recommended going into this meeting having read a specific guidebook, which I did not do because a) I don't like books with babies on the cover and b) I am lazy and c) I don't want to be seen buying the book.  If I could have it delivered to my house in a plain package and a different cover, then I might have bought it.

First we had a psych eval, sadly it turns out we are not psychos (teehee).  It wasn't much of an evaluation of us per se, more ensuring that we understood what DE entails, how DE children do, and that we (me, mostly) had grieved properly.  I don't think they expected me to be "over it" and she (the evaluator/counselor) said I had really done my research and was very well prepared.  She was also happy that I was in counseling and approved of my counselor, which is good since I've been seeing the counselor for more than a year.

Second we met with a coordinator, who will be our own coordinator, to discuss the process and how a donor is chosen and what types of plans they offer.  This is the biggest discussion point between my DH and I, the next big choice we will have to make together.  I was all for the guarantee program, but (based on our discussion) DH is not and will want to discuss likelihood of success with the RE before we completely choose a plan. 

Then we talked to finance, but only briefly.  First we have to decide what type of plan to do, what type of donors are available (frozen or fresh) and how many eggs we feel will guarantee us a good shot if we decide against the guarantee program. 

I feel great about all this today.  I think everybody feels great the day of the appointment with the RE (or really, other coordinators in this case), it's just the next day or two where you think of all the questions you should have asked and get all wound up.  I have anticipated it and scheduled this the day before my normal counseling day (Wednesday).  I am so smart, S-M-R-T (Simpson reference, sorry).  Hope you are having an amazing day!


  1. Hi there! I follow you on twitter and thought I would check out your blog. I hope this process goes smoothly for you! I'll be interested to heard more updates!

  2. Thank you Jessica and thank you for reading!! :-)