Monday, July 14, 2014

An Update, A Plan

On Friday we had an appointment with our RE, which was general question and answer appointment.  It also involved a genetic screen for the DH, then an ultrasound and office hysteroscopy for me, hysteroscopy is where they shoved a tiny camera into the uterus.  The Q&A part went well, although the donor coordinator was supposed to contact us on Friday and hasn't yet - I'm giving her a pass since it was a beautiful Friday in July and also since I am not anxious to log onto the bank yet. 

The ultrasound showed I have 4 follicles right now, which is just my body mocking me.  This was cycle day 12 and on left there was a 17, 10 and on right 12, 10.  This is why even if I was starting this whole process today a GP doctor would say 'you're still ovulating'... my RE said there's a chance so go ahead and try.  We are, but I refuse to give up anything.  If I am going to get a miracle baby it better be a real miracle and it shouldn't matter if I use nail polish or take hot baths or go to hot yoga.  Not that I'm going to hot yoga, I'm way too lazy and it's too hot for that.

The office hysteroscopy showed my uterus is perfect, lining is good right now, there should be no issue with me getting or staying pregnant with a good egg/zygote.  My TSH has dropped and is now .66, which my RE thought was fine. 

Next we need to pick a donor, which is exciting and nerve-wracking!  I was hoping that we could do this in September, but now I am not sure if we will be able to complete the process that quickly since it's a two month process.  I want to get to the part where I'm holding my baby.

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