Sunday, July 20, 2014


For a change of pace I am sharing my yearly pilgrimage to the Lavender Festival.  It is so fun, but a requirement is a deep abiding love of lavender.  My mother and I go every year and this year ended up getting there a little late (like 3pm late) because we didn't make a reservation on the ferry and ended up waiting through 3 ferries to make it on!  Next year, if we go that way again, we will reserve a spot. 

The waiting line for the ferry was beautiful though, it was right along the shore and we took a couple of walks.  There were jellyfish and sand and, amazingly, a pair of nesting bald eagles who were very chatty.  I thought I could see the nest, but I wasn't positive.  I didn't take video, my phone was almost dead since we were in the boonies and it was constantly searching for coverage. 

When we made it to the festival we went to our street fair, which is my favorite.  I had specific goals: find lotion made with bee pollen (I had it last year and ran out), find a new office mug, buy more of the amazing lavender cookies that I had last year, and (for two work friends) get lavender honey and lavender plants. 

Here's the mug I decided was sufficiently big for me, I do not like making trips to the water cooler (right now I am filling up two different mugs and it still doesn't last long) and this mug is very light, so the amount of water shouldn't make it too heavy for me:

Every year there is one booth I stop by, it has the most amazing food stuff.  This year I tried one new thing: the White Chocolate Lavender drops.  They are amazing, I will have to find a way to make them in the coming year.  Helpfully the ingredients are listed on the back: white chocolate chips, culinary lavender (I wonder the lavender planted in front of my house counts as culinary?) and chopped macadamia nuts.
That doesn't diminish the honey, which is delicious, or the Delights, which are the cookies I needed to buy.  They are caramel lace cookies frosted with white chocolate and lavender, YUM!  I keep them in the freezer and eat them cold with a hot cup of tea. 
The day was great, if a bit rushed.  We would have liked to go to more of the farms.  We only made it to one farm and, while great, there is this other farm that we LOVE and haven't made it to in two years.  I hope that next year we'll be able to stay overnight and do a large tour of the farms.  (If I'm not.... giving birth....eeek!)
It was a lovely day and a half with my mother, even though she made me do yard work with her before we left to return home.  I love my grandparents house, it's a little weird to be there without them, I remember the home most with them in it even though my grandfather died when I was 16.  This was taken on the first night at the house, but it's a fitting way to close out this post. 

I'll update more about my fertility stuff later, we're in the middle of choosing a donor and I'm not sure how much I want to share just yet.

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