Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Another reason (I assume) I'll be a great mom: I love singing both non-sensical or sensical songs to my cats (Quiz, Josh and kitty).  I put their names into the songs and they 'love' it.  A very popular choices, when I'm not singing what was just on the radio, is Copacabana.  The cats' favorite song is Jimmy Cracked Corn, but sung like so:

Kitty cat food and kitty don't care,
Kitty cat food and Josh-a don't care,
Kitty cat food and Quizzie don't care,
Kitty cat, kitty cat food

But that's might only be because I feed them wet food when I sing it, they usually have dry.  It's a learned pavlovian response, but they seem to enjoy the songs. 

You know children would appreciate it even more.

This is Josh, he's very concerned about what's on the other side of the door.  He's very distressed that a door is closed and he would like it to be opened because surely there are interesting things on the other side (he doesn't care that I'm in the bath).

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