Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cleanse Fail

After my diet (called "eating whatever the hell I want because all my eggs died in a petri dish during my last IVF") I needed to get back on track with the fertility diet stuff.  This is not so much for fertility as being the most amazing baby oven ever!  Now I've never been a great follower of the fertility diet, I hate vegetables and am a general picky eater.  This was always going to be a challenge.

After maybe 4 days, if I'm really stretching the definition of "days", I had to give up.  Mostly because I don't eat enough and at point it becomes anorexia, the final two days it took hours to fall asleep at night because of hunger - not a pleasant feeling!  There is too much 'not too eat' on the list for me.  However, I am going to keep a couple things:
  • no milk/ice cream for a while, limited cheese (may have included cheese at every meal today, so clearly failing at the limited part)
  • no red meat
  • eat as organic/healthy as possible
  • drink green tea (found a tasty & good one!)
  • drink lots of water, like 2 liters a day (this is fairly normal for me)
  • take a probiotic
  • of course, take my supplements/vitamins
  • don't eat for 12 hours (this is a goal, 10 hours easy)
The 'cleanse' part of the cleanse did not happen, which makes me unhappy.  It might be because I am PMS-ing and that is one of my symptoms.  I am hoping it will ease up soon, I've started spotting (day 20 here, fun). 

I do have more energy now that I'm off the cleanse!  I hope to do tons of housework this weekend in preparation for a family visit.  I trimmed all the bushes in front after work today and worked up a good sweat.  Now my husband can stop complaining about 'your overgrown bush'... silly man.

Does anyone have a good probiotic recommendation?  There is one in my nutritional shake, but I'd like another one that maybe aids in fertility - is there such a thing?

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