Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Week of The Pill

It's been a busy (almost) first week at work.  I've been doing mostly clerical type stuff, which is actually really relaxing.  I am feeling so much lighter since I gave notice at my last job and life is a lot of light right now.  This new job may not be where I see myself 'career' wise in the future, but it's amazing at the moment and will hopefully allow some options when I have baby(ies).

The first week of the pill has been good.  I was prepared for the irritability, but not for the exhaustion.  It was terrible the first few days and it has gone away (or I've gotten used to is).  I do start Lupron tomorrow, which is slightly terrifying to me, but I am going to tap positivity when I take the shot.  (Tapping is an anxiety reducing exercise, but I use it for positive reinforcement too.)

I have been forced to reduce my supplements to only the prenatal and a baby aspirin.  I'm feeling very good so far!  It's usually a security blanket for me, so I am happy that I am doing so well without them.

This weekend I am hoping to change out my closet (from summer to winter) since it finally started raining here again.  I am so happy the rain is back!  I will also be ruthless with getting rid of unneeded junk, or as ruthless as I can be, I still haven't found it in my heart to get rid of the giant teddy bear my father bought me even though it's old and mangy.

With the ruthless give-away in mind - does anyone know how to get rid of my unneeded medications?  I have just a bit left over and I would like to give it to deserving people.  I should probably get on this before they expire.

I saw on my analytics that multiple hits have arrived from Google News, which is really irresponsible of Google.  Honestly, now I'm a respected news source?  That's not how this works...

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