Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lupron (Post 1?)

In case you couldn't tell I was very nervous about starting Lupron on Thursday, but I have survived my first few pricks.  Though a tweep mentioned the needles are dull and YES, they are dull, so I have thought about buying some new ones.  I do have a slight lightheaded or dizzy feeling, but it's not extreme and it could be because I was skipping lunch (as I often do) on the weekend. 

Emotionally I am feeling very good, not really angry or irritable, or at least not more than usually on birth control.  I was unexpectedly sad today though, I almost cried, but I am not really sure if that's Lupron related.  Let me explain:

Leaving my job was hard for one reason: my coworkers were amazing and three of them are dear friends.  I am going to miss the coworkers, but I thought I'd keep the friends.  I've texted all of them over the past week and spoke with one on the phone.  When I left we had plans to get together sometime this coming week after work to catch up.  But I don't think it's going to happen... I haven't heard back after chatting with one of them on Wednesday (after which she said she'd call me back because she had to go).  And I've sent her what might be considered an obnoxious amount of text messages... like 7 over the past 4 days.  Today I attempted to call her, mostly to tease her about being the worst texter in the history of texting, but also to see if Monday would work to go out.  She didn't answer... I didn't leave a message.  But I did want to cry when I hung up, I feel like I've lost her and I really thought I wouldn't.

I knew there would be a point in time where I wouldn't hear from them as much, but I guess I thought it would be much later.  I can't help but wonder if I did something wrong... (I have texted back and forth with the other two, which is awesome.)  Anyway, that's why I'm sad today, but I don't know that it has much to do with the drugs.

In other news: I don't have a cold.  I am fairly certain it's either a side effect of Lupron (I don't read side effects) OR a side effect of stopping all my normal supplements.  Basically my mucus membrane has dried up... which is only a problem in my nose, which will start to bleed.  So my (very mildly, upon waking only) sore throat, mildly plugged ears and sinus has gone away with one night of Neti Pot.  I will keep doing it and hope that it improves once my body is used to the medication and/or lack of supplements. 

And to close out my update - the stupidest cat I own enjoying something just short of chasing it's own tail: (apologies for the commercial in the background)

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