Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Consent Form Drama

After my suppression check my coordinator (nurse), who I loved, called me and told me the clinic couldn't find my consent forms.  I was fully compromised by Lupron and thus so annoyed.  I was sure I had signed those damn forms and I couldn't believe that after having paid the bill that this would hold up our process. 

Actually signing a piece of paper is not a big deal.  It's the fact that either both of us have to be present at the clinic or we have to have the paper notarized.  There are notaries at both of our work places, but the form is still going to be logged as a consent for DE IVF or IVF, which is not really want you want someone at work to know. 

After work that day I thought about it more, and the Lupron fog lifted slightly, and I am fairly certain we didn't sign any papers.  I suppose it didn't cross my mind that we'd need to.  We had for IVF, but that was the first time at this clinic and my other clinic only had us sign once (also that clinic didn't require a notary for my DH).  I suppose there is the small matter of donor eggs, but obviously I paid a ton of money to buy eggs, so of course I want the clinic to use them.

So, after all of the drama, I emailed my lovely coordinator and said I was pretty sure we had missed the signing.  She confirmed it should have been done at my last appointment with the doctor, which was a phone consult, and I asked what we need to do to get her the forms.  We have agreed to a plan (I don't think they are technically supposed to let me get past suppression check without signing these) and all is settled. 

This week has been good, I've been feeling less anxious since starting Estradiol (estrogen) on Sunday and after a super long (4 days, so just super long for me) period my body finally seems to be ready to start building a lining.  Acupuncture is tomorrow, so that will help get me back on track too.  I need to avoid junk food, keep taking my medicine, and eat right...I had two salads this weekend, that's got to count as eating right!  One was at an all you can eat buffet and the other was before pizza....but it still counts.

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