Sunday, October 5, 2014

Supression Check

This past week was insanely busy, mostly in order to keep my mind off of this cycle, and now I think that might have been a mistake.

On Friday I had my suppression check, my lining was appropriately thin and my ovaries had no cysts!  It is all a go and I assumed I wasn't going to have a 'true' period since my calendar said I "may or may not start a period".  I had some very light spotting for a while and then nothing, I shared this with the Nurse Practitioner who did my ultrasound and she made it sound like that was the expected period.  However she seemed very inexperienced, because when I said I had night sweats she said she hoped my estrogen wasn't too high - and night sweats happen when your estrogen is low as well.  Then on Saturday afternoon I started a true full flow period. 

Let's be honest: I am freaking out a bit.  Today (Sunday) I start estradiol and I did take my pill this  morning, but the period is still going strong.  I assume it will be my usual 2-3 days of flow and ... I am not sure what this means.  Does this push my cycle out?  Will the clinic not worry about it?  Is taking estradiol under these conditions a little like flushing it through my system?  I don't know!

My real concern is that I don't have a lot of wiggle room.  I planned a work conference for 4 days after my 3 day transfer.  I can't really imagine having to cancel it, though I suppose I will have to if the worst happens.  But I was so excited to be invited as a new employee that I said yes and this is the perfect month for everything to happen - the clinic schedule and my personal schedule coincide so perfectly and I want it to work so badly.

Quite honestly I can't wait until my estrogen levels rise again, I will be less annoyed and the night sweats might ease off for a little bit.  Also my anxiety has been stronger, I assume because my hormones are not within a normal range.  It feels a bit like the first time the boat has started rocking and I'm retching over the side.  Being calm is on the agenda today...I planned this weekend to be relaxing but it's hard to be relaxed when I'm not sure what this all means....

UPDATED: I called the clinic and it just means I started my period a little later than they would normally see, but it's apparently totally fine.  Whew!  Why didn't I call sooner?  Because I am an idiot, clearly.

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