Friday, October 24, 2014

Upper Butt Pain

Honestly, I can't think of a title right now, but my upper butt does ache pretty bad from the PIO shot tonight.  I have heat on it right now, which seems to be easing off the pain.  I am exhausted, which is part of the progesterone side effects.  And my back doesn't ache quite as bad as last time I had to take these shots, so I can only assume the "ice, shot, heat" is working well - the reason it hurts so much tonight is because I did "ice, shot....wait.....start bath....make bone broth...oo, it's hurting so.... heat!".  Should've known better.

Tonight I was supposed to have an appointment with my acupuncturist, but they called early this afternoon to tell me that she was sick and the appointment was cancelled.  I figured I would just get in on Monday, but there was nothing open.  Additionally I also had to cancel my appointment for next week since I'm not sure I will be back from my conference and now I don't have an appointment until after my pregnancy test.  That's total shit.  I feel a little abandoned right now.

So after predictably freaking out on Twitter I tried to figure something out.  My clinic actually contracts with an acupuncturist, and the number was listed on my transfer instructions.  Originally I wasn't going to use them because I already have, and am comfortable with, my own acupuncturist.  I called them number and prayed they'd be able to fit me in.  They called me back in about an hour and could!  Yippee! And she sounds pretty nifty, she will do both pre and post transfer acupuncture on me while at the clinic.  I was a little worried my DH would be annoyed at spending more time, but I emailed him and let him know the change in plan (that way if he's annoyed when he finds out I don't have to hear about it, it's a little trick I've learned).  He is fine.  What was he going to do on Saturday anyway!?

Most exciting: this morning all 8 were still dividing.  5 were 'good', 1 was 'fair' and 2 were 'poor', but I am very happy with this.  They will transfer 2 tomorrow and I'm really hoping we have at least 3 to freeze. 

Transfer tomorrow everyone!  Pray it goes smoothly and that my butt stops hurting eventually.

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