Saturday, November 15, 2014

Movie Review

It's amazing how so many things are tainted by infertility.  Even though I have a BFP, I do keep waiting for it to be taken away and I've come to some measure of peace that there's currently nothing to do to stop it from being taken.  Today I went and saw Interstellar, and during my (frequent) bathroom breaks there were children and mothers running all around me.  It was bittersweet: will that be me?  Will I someday get to have this?  It seems closer than ever before, but still not technically real. I know how easy it is to end.

The movie was pretty good, but you can look up reviews anywhere about it.  I'm talking about infertility and Interstellar, because if you have any experience with the former you will laugh at (a portion) of the science in the latter. 

Premise: earth dying, find new home, if not possible to move current humans then repopulate using some frozen eggs we're bringing along.  How many, totally enough to have hundreds of babies: 5,000.

Stop laughing!

Now I thought they said embryos, but DH and stepdaughter both insisted it was eggs. Either way we all know 5,000 is a tiny amount, assuming 25% actually become 5 day blasts, and the another 30% attach and 75% carry to term then we have 281 babies.  And since it's eggs, we have to use the sperm of the astronaut who's been exposed to a ton of radiation (just assuming it all works). Also we're only sending one woman, who will also be exposed to a lot of radiation and hopefully won't die in a freak accident, she'll have no problem reproducing with donor eggs that have also been carried through space in radiation!

And this is beyond the need for a clean clinic and lab to process it all when we are settling our new colony and the drugs the female will need to sustain a pregnancy.  You can see my disbelief and maybe I'm being too hard on the movie,  but if we are bothering bringing 5,000 maybe bring 30,000?  Also maybe invest in another female scientist or passenger to be knocked up? There is a historical reason women outnumber men: we are more likely to die in childbirth, sheer numbers must be maintained to repopulate. 

Ah well, if nothing else the movies and tv shows always teach us faulty science, so I can't be too miffed! 


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