Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Symptom Checking

In my first ever second 'two week wait', which is actually more like a three week wait for me, until I get to hear the heartbeat.  So I've contented myself with enjoying my symptoms, which come and go.  Today I have no nausea at all and I'm not sure whether I'm happy about that or not, but as a tradeoff my boobs hurt so bad I'm considering wearing my bra to bed tonight.

I told my counselor last week that I would be ok with nausea as long as I didn't have any spotting.  So far that's holding true, no spotting except for the 'imaginary' spotting last week.  I hope those guys are doing ok in there, I know there's nothing I can do if they aren't. 

The rest of the week is pretty busy, I am finally seeing my acupuncturist tomorrow, dinner with friends, and a visit to the in-laws.  I am taking the opportunity of today being off work to relax.  DH is annoyed because he made errands and I didn't want to go on them. 

Related, is an early pregnancy symptom that your DH has mood swings?  It really must be...

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