Friday, December 26, 2014

A Mess of Thoughts

Most of the time I am excited about having triplets, but often I can't even imagine what it might be like to have three babies.  I mean.....wwwwhhhhaaaaaatttt?  And other times I can barely believe this is really happening and I hope and pray it will end in a successful birth...s.

Also, I've been worried that I would favor my triplets like my cats.  I've tried to convince myself that my cats are different, but I have a definite favorite, a less favorite who I feel bad about not loving as much, and the other idiotic cat.  Please tell me I won't be like that with my children.

I am nervous about my MFM appointment Monday.  I'm nervous about what she's going to tell me.  I'm nervous that there will not be 3 heartbeats and nervous there will be.  I'm nervous I will get suuuuper pregnant and nervous I won't.

I think I've officially started popping out.  The problem with hating my body before my last cycle is that I didn't have precise measurements and weight, but I think I've gained about 4 inches and 10 pounds.  Last night for the first time it wasn't comfortable to sleep on tummy, which is a bummer since I love sleeping in that position. 

I think I might have to buy new pants soon too.  I am most nervous about having to actually buy new clothes.  I assume I couldn't go through my whole time without them...but what do I even buy, how fast will I pop out?  It's not something I can really learn online.  I hope the multiples group I found meets soon...I have questions!!!

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  1. Being pregnant is when I've felt the most comfortable with my body since before IF medications ballooned me. Because I have a reason to have a growing belly. And it's a gorgeous miracle. I've heard the same from others, as well.

    Obviously, I have two less inside, but this is what I've learned:

    - The pregnancy pants with just a small band are great for first trimester with one baby... it started getting too uncomfortable by second trimester. I recommend for you the full panel pants immediately since you will grow faster. Wear them now. You'll thank yourself.

    - Get maternity yoga pants/stretch pants now. You will thank yourself.

    - Whether you have three heartbeats or not or whether you will get super pregnant or not... realize that you will be nervous. You will have both relief and fear no matter WHAT happens. Just try to acknowledge that relief and fear are going to be a part of your life for at least the next 18 years ;)

    - I think in regards to kids (again, I have only one inside and may never have another), that while you may love them differently because they are different people... you will love them just as much. You may love one for his/her humor and one for his/her seriousness. And one for his/her carefree attitude. And each of those may be more welcome in different situations and for that moment, they may be your favorite. Until another moment comes along. But in the end, you will love each one just as fiercely has his/her brothers/sisters.