Monday, December 15, 2014

Dreams & Guessing Games

One of the fun things about both PIO shots and having a ton of progesterone in your system is that you have very vivid dreams.  I've had a variety of dreams including:

My father was always alive, and he has a relationship with my brother and an older half sister I never knew named Jessica!  And now he's finally gotten in touch with you!  This is a common theme of my dreams since I was little and was actually a little nice because the last time my father was in a dream I punched him in the face for leaving me.  I hadn't seen him in a dream since then, about 8 years (except for a weird non-dream where he stood at the side of my bed and said he was working on getting me a baby.)

We went home to my childhood home, which I always have to WALK to like I did from the bus in elementary school.  The neighbors were doing construction and a bear got into their house, it chased me around while everyone else talked and ate cheese and drank wine (seriously uncaring).  It was trying to eat me because I was going to overpopulate the earth.  This seemed silly and hilarious once I woke up, but bears are always what I am terrified of, at least it wasn't a polar bear, those are even meaner.

I was pregnant with a horse and my beta didn't rise.  I was both happy - seriously how could I give birth to a horse - and a little sad - since it didn't work out this time either.  Mostly relieved.

I was baking cookies, in my tummy, with a twitter friend and she kept chastising me for not cooking the cookies long enough.  This has taken on new meaning with triplets, but she did train me to cook the cookies properly in the end so my uterus should know how to do it now.

Anyway, it's been a fun roller-coaster of dreams.  I am hoping for mostly good ones in the future, or at least non-scary ones.  In a separate effort to keep my spirits focused on positive things I have been reading a baby name book, although not too seriously since I don't know what names I'm looking for boy or girl wise.   When I imagine my triplets (as toddlers or whatever), I imagine all girls and I definitely think the twins are girls.  However, baby A is a little bit of a mystery and I kindof think he's a boy.  I won't be disappointed, although maybe 3 boys would be hard.

I asked my DH and he thinks they are all boys (men, so unoriginal) and that we should name them all after Seahawks players.  I put my foot down on Marshawn, but I could do Thomas, Russell, Wilson, or even Earl if they aren't too popular in this area. 

And for those of you who are curious, the chances of triplets were less than 1%.  I was a little bit second guessing my decision, but the RE did say that twinning occurs more often in 5dt (not 3dt) - they don't know why.  The 1% is way less than my chances of conceiving at any point in the last 4+ years with my own eggs.  You can see why I didn't factor it into my decision and, quite frankly, my RE didn't seem concerned either when we talked about a 3dt. 

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