Saturday, January 31, 2015

Operating Without A Net

I feel very bad for not updating in a while.  I should really work harder on the blog, but I am currently sitting in my very dirty house with no energy to clean it either and it's in my face every day.

Most days I am surviving my 8 hour work days, but by the end of the day I am exhausted.  Last Thursday I had to come home and do laundry (there was no underwear), sorting was the hardest job I'd ever done.  I literally was out of breath from bending over and tossing clothes in piles.  How am I supposed to get the house ready for triplets if this is how I feel at 15 weeks?  I'm a little concerned.  I'm hoping I get a boost of energy at some point.

Last weekend I took down the Christmas Tree and I was feeling pretty great on Sunday, so I decided to read my triplet book that everyone had recommended.  Now, almost everyone said not to take the nutrition part too seriously (with triplets I believe she says 4,000 calories which would be literally impossible for me to achieve), so I was prepared for that, but the part about contractions really freaked me out.  I ended up with only 5 hours of sleep on Sunday, but still pulled out a full workday on Monday.  Luckily Tuesday was my 16 week check up.

The babies are all growing well, still 1-3 days ahead and all about 5 ounces.  I am happy, my husband and I pushed the ultrasound tech to see if she could 'spot a penis'.  Gamely she looked close for us and found that baby A is a boy and babies B & C are identical girls!  She confirmed by the end of the appointment (she wasn't confident at first).  We did a comedy routine for her about names, essentially threatening to name them after towns and cities in Washington, she was cracking up. 

Then she went to get the doctor, who was great, I really liked her.  She did not think I needed to 'monitor' myself everyday for contractions like the book claimed, and she also confirmed that a contraction should make my belly feel as hard as my forehead... So if you see me wandering around with a finger on my forehead and another on my belly, you know why.

She also said I had a small placental tear, which is very common in multiples and should resolve without any symptoms (ie, spotting).  I tried to define what the spotting may or may not be like and she said calmly 'just call us! we're your OB and here to help you'.  It felt really great. 

My husband complained I was lethargic, she assured us it was normal (duh!) and he asked if there was lifting limits, which she said no!  My husband then said 'see I could vacuum just fine!'... ah, men...

The biggest news to come out was, unlike some ladies I've met on twitter, I am in a 'no net' zone.  My MFMs will not stop preterm labor unless I am close to the babies being viable.  They will not do progesterone or a circulage as they haven't been shown to help in multiples.  And she pointed out that most labor stopping drugs only last for an average of 48 hours and every time they give a dose of a drug it has an effect on both the babies and the mother.  They don't want to give dose after dose of drugs to stop labor (they may, at some point, but they aren't in the business of it).  I am at peace with this, technically it's still a miscarriage until 20 weeks, and I feel like it's no different from the first trimester. 

Although sometimes I wish I didn't have to know I was pregnant the WHOLE pregnancy.  My original plan for getting pregnant was to ignore not having a period for a month or more and then be surprised!  It's hard to be so aware the whole term. 

Today I am 16w3d and am feeling confident about it, but I still worry about how much I'm eating (usually hitting close to 3,000 calories a day, but not always the best calories) and (on the crazy side) worrying whether my babies will become drug addicts because I won't be able to pay enough attention to them.  Yeah, that was last night, because I'm a crazy person.  I literally have no control over that right now... also there are a lot more addicts in my family than the one mentioned in my donor's family history. 

I promise to try and update more faithfully.  Or to think about it. 

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  1. I'm so impressed with your mental stamina! You are seriously rocking this pregnancy. I found pregnancy surprisingly hard work, physically. Go figure... Anyway, I can't imagine having three buns in the oven, you're doing brilliantly! Just remember to pace yourself! Xoxo