Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You're Too Kind - 27 weeks

Honestly, you are all too kind, visiting this site daily when I haven't updated in a month!  It's a crazy time and I've thought about writing a few articles, but it's very exhausting to be pregnant with triplets and I like to lay around doing nothing a lot.  Well, I lay around doing nothing and ruing the fact that I can't do anything really meaningful like get the nursery ready or do laundry.

It's been very smooth sailing, until yesterday, and I can't complain at all about how it's been going.  I am nearly to my third trimester and the babies are viable, though of course I want them to cook much longer.  Yesterday I had a tiny (half a dime) sized spot of pink-ness, it freaked me out but I kept it together until my DH called, and then I started crying.  He had me call the nurse line, which predictably told me to go in and get checked out.

So we ran ourselves down to Labor & Delivery at my hospital.  Got checked into a triage room around 7:15pm (the pink spot literally just missed the office hours at my MFM).  The nurse got baby A and B on the heart monitor, but then decided to ultrasound to ensure we had the right babies at the right spots.  All babies had heartbeats (wasn't really too worried about that) and all successfully hooked up to the monitors.  They did a nice vaginal exam and I didn't realize that your vagina hurts so bad when you are pregnant.  It was the most painful speculum experience ever, which up until now was a couple of my IUIs. 

The doctor did a quick check: cervix was soft and appeared closed.  They tested me for the infection that can indicate preterm labor (FFN?), a bladder infection, chlamydia and gonorrhea (seriously, I've been tested for these two STDs more time in the past year!).  Everything came back negative, which is awesome.  They monitored the babies on heart monitors for a long while, like 40 minutes.  Babies were a-celling (accelerating) like champs, which is where the heart rate increases and indicates a maturing nervous system.  Apparently d-celling (decelerating) below an established baseline is not great, obviously it can indicate fetal distress, my babies did not pull any d-celling nonsense.

They also ordered a growth ultrasound (don't ask me why) so we had one done and they also checked my cervix official with a transvaginal ultrasound (hi, old friend!) - and as I'm writing this the OB called me back and said my cervix length is 4.7 which is apparently huge.  They only start worrying at 2.5, so I do feel a lot better about that. 

Babies growth is also really good, the measurements were taken at 26w6d and one baby (baby B) was on schedule, Baby A (the usual biggest) was 27w3d and Baby C was about 27w1d. It's nice that they are measuring ahead even though this is my first pregnancy and there can be a bigger chance of growth restrictions. 

So I was finally discharged at 11:55pm, and exhausted came home and collapsed into bed. I slept for six hours, called in 'sick' to work (I told them I had been in the hospital) and got up to start eating.  I missed dinner last night as I was too nervous to eat before going to the hospital.  I am going to try and make up for it today.

Things I have learned:
  • DH is cranky when kept from food and it is taking the hospital forever to discharge you even though you know everything came back negative. (Ok, so I already knew about my DH's crankiness)
  • Your cervix is soft and filled with blood, if it gets irritated (by having sex or a bowel movement) it will spot slightly.  I will only re-report to the hospital if the pink spotting is continuous or is bright/dark red.
  • Hospitals suck at getting you discharged.
  • Hospitals are kindof sucky places even when you are the patient.
  • I am insanely paranoid about picking up a hospital infection, though I assume that L&D is actually a pretty safe place bacteria wise.

**Trigger warning - bump and monitoring pictures**

What it looks like when you have 3 baby heart beat monitors hooked up to you.

Taken and posted that morning!

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