Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Little Complication

In every triplet pregnancy there's a moment of complication (probably), whether or not that leads to a delivery or just a quick monitoring stay in the hospital.  Today I had my 32 week appointment and it was the first time we'd measured them in 4 weeks, which is ok I suppose, I often wish they'd measure them more frequently even though they've explained it's not as accurate.

I'm not sure how accurate it is either way, to be honest.  My ultrasound tech (I've seen her for most of my appointments so therefore she is 'mine') admitted today that they had estimated a singleton incorrectly and were 23 ounces off.  TWENTY-THREE!  Obviously I hope that mine are being estimated mostly correctly.

So the news today was that Baby C (identical twin of Baby B) is about a pound off from Baby B, or 25%.  The Doctors get concerned whenever the twins are more than 20% off from each other.  There is no sign of a twin to twin transfusion, but it's still not great. 

The result has been:

1. I have to monitor and make sure each baby moves at least once every hour.  I think this is slightly ridiculous and probably will try to not stress about it.  Their suggestion has been to turn off everything and concentrate on feeling them if I think I haven't.  If I haven't felt them in one hour of concentrated effort then I am supposed to go to the hospital.  I've been home from my appointment for 2 hours and I've felt them all lots, so maybe this won't be such a big deal.

2. I got my first steroid shot and go back tomorrow to get the second one.  Even though I'm not in current danger of delivery they wanted to make sure the shots were administered.  Also, I had heard these shots hurt a lot, but if you have had PIO then they are a walk in the park.  Seriously it's a slightly burning sensation and that's it.

3. My C-section has been moved to 34 weeks, which means I have about two weeks to prepare myself.  OMG I can't believe it will be so soon.  I'm a little bummed about the NICU time, but I know they'll be in the best spot for them.  And hopefully the nurses will teach me a little something about caring for babies. 

4. Originally my C-section was going to be done by my favorite doctor, who was also the one we saw today, but sadly she won't be doing my new date.  I'm super bummed, I really like her even though I know all the MFMs are amazing.  She seems to enjoy all our questions and concerns and jokes about taking a vacation to Hawaii while the triplets are in NICU. 

Now, the other thing is that Baby C is squished behind Baby B and so... in my heart I don't think they are that far off in size, I think maybe the tech can't get good measurements due to the placement.  But 34 weeks is an ok time to take them, to be honest I'm pretty exhausted at this point and taking them a little early will at least give me a break (although that's definitely not a consideration of the doctors).

Ok now for trigger warning - bump pictures have been requested and I just took this.  I do post these, and will post baby pictures, on my private Instagram.  You can DM me on twitter for the account name if you want. 

Almost 32 weeks.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  I'd love for these babies to be super healthy 34 week babies!

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