Sunday, July 12, 2015


How are all of you? Apparently my blog has exploded in popularity during my absence, which makes me feel a tiny bit guilty for not updating sooner.  I'm even writing this on my phone for you, which means you have to excuse any weird misspellings or word substitues.

We made it to 34 weeks with the babies! I never had regular contractions (woohoo!) and, well, the reason we were scheduled so early was because baby C was supposedly 25% smaller than her twin...only she was only 5% smaller upon delivery.  However she did have her cord wrapped tightly around her foot (it took an extra minute to deliver her) and loosely around her neck.  I had felt her flip over a few days before delivery and I did not like it! I know of someone who felt her baby flip and then her baby passed, one reason I was honestly glad to have a multiple pregnancy since that decreased movability.

I am writing my birth story, as everyone seems to do, but I'll warn you it's pretty uneventful.  Hoping to have it within the next week!

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