My Infertility Timeline

We started trying in July 2010, after being married 4 years.  

At the end of 2011 I went to the OBGYN and was referred to a fertility clinic based on male infertility.  I’m not sure why since my Basal Body Temperature chart looked like a seesaw after ovulation.

The first fertility clinic I went to was run by a doctor who was a GYN.  Don't go to GYNs or OBGYNs for fertility treatments!

Tests run include day 3 estrogen, FSH, a hystopingram, cervical mucus check, and day 21 progesterone check.

My first diagnosis was luteal phase defect and I had an FSH of 9.8 (there is no male infertility).  We decided only to supplement with progesterone from June 2012 - August 2012.  I am not even ashamed to say I now believe administered totally incorrectly and probably prevent ovulation for 3 months.  However, the cause of luteal phase defect is poor egg quality and some brief internet searching led me to agree to use Clomid.

It should go without saying that all of these are BFNs.

September 2012: Clomid with trigger shot, estrogen and progesterone support, timed intercourse. 

October 2012: month off, cyst on the ovary, went away after a month.

November 2012: Clomid with trigger shot, estrogen and progesterone support, timed intercourse.

December 2012: Clomid with trigger shot, estrogen and progesterone support, IUI. 

There was a month off in here, I don't really have 28 day cycles even with Clomid and on progesterone I usually started my period on day 25.

January 2013: Clomid with trigger shot, estrogen and progesterone support, IUI.

I met with the doctor for the first time since starting (seriously, the nurses did all the scans and told me when and what to take.)  I had a few mild sight side effect on clomid, but never wanted to disclose in the middle of the cycle, since they'd make me stop. 

Either IUIs with injectable meds or IVF were recommended.  We decided the chance with IVF was better.  Drugs were: follistim, menopur, ganirelix, ovidrel, progesterone in oil, estrogen pills.

February - March 2013: early in the cycle only four follicles were seen, sadly adjusted to an IUI.

First WTF appointment: was first told I was a poor responder and/or had poor ovarian reserve. 

April 2013: mandatory break, then family member dies and we put off the next cycle.

August - October 2013: Estrogen was too high at suppression check, two months of birth control.  7 mature follicles, the doctor went in to retrieve and only got 3 of them.  I was so upset, but later learned that when the doctor is a GYN the protocol is to use propofol.  You can still move on this drug, so if an ovary is close to a vein the doctor will be unable to aspirate your follicles.  I did have 2 - 3 day embryos transferred. 

November 2013: mandatory break.

January - February 2014: agreed this would be our final attempt.  300iu follistim, 300iu menopur, which is too high and very hard on your body, also expensive.  At early checks great number looked to be responding but then one became dominant.  I declined to retrieve and adjusted to an IUI.

Trusted acupuncturist makes me get a second opinion.  I switch clinics and see an RE, who actually tested my AMH for the first time.

April - May 2014: “mini” IVF with letrozole.  Had an amazing 5 egg response.  All my eggs "degenerated" in the dish (which means they failed to fertilize). 

Final diagnosis: poor ovarian reserve, poor egg quality. 

It should be obvious, but all views are my own and I am not a medical professional.

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